Pottsville Forensic Services

Forensic services are often court ordered or recommended services. These services are often not covered by most insurance plans since they are not deemed medically necessary.

Custody Evaluations

The protocol for Family Custody Evaluations includes a standard of three interview sessions with the parents to include psychological testing using the MMPI-2, parenting assessment interview, and family observation session. The family observation session will generally take place in the home if feasible and home evaluation is requested by the courts. Depending on their ages, the children are generally seen individually and in family interviews with each parent. Records or reports are obtained and reviewed from sources such as the school, teachers, other counseling or psychological provider, or medical records on parents and children when available. Additionally direct contact with other sources may be conducted as appropriate. A report is provided to the Court summarizing the background, testing results, and other related information from the information obtained summarize the finding in relations to the factors outlined in the child custody statute and provide recommendations.

Reconciliation Services

Psychological Associates offers this service to divorced or separated parenting who may be in need of professional assistance designed to foster a new bond or strengthen an underdeveloped relationship with a child or children in order to implement the parenting plan. When a parent has become estranged from a child as may happen through the process of separation or divorce, counseling services aimed at assisting that parent to regain the relationship may be necessary. This service includes both family and individual therapy to address the specific needs of the family situation. This service attempts to address the parental relationship while also addressing the needs of the child. Depending on child related issues, this service may meet the “medical necessary” criteria required for health insurance reimbursement. This will be assessed on individual criteria.

Coparenting Counseling

This service at Psychological Associates aims to develop a cooperative parenting arrangement with divorced or separated parents. The parties work together with a counselor to improve communication, resolve disagreements, and work towards creating a context for proactive parenting. The goal is to empower parents to address issues as they arise and gain confidence in their ability to create a healthy environment to raise their children. It can be an effective tool for monitoring compliance, resolving conflicts regarding their children and their parenting plan in a timely manner, and promoting healthy parent-child relationships.

Custody Conflict Counseling

This is a child-focused process aimed at assisting high conflict parents in implementing their custody plan while reducing impact on the child. Reports to the court regarding compliance and progress can be made if so ordered. This level of dispute resolution may be necessary in high conflict situations where parents are unable to reach consensus without a high degree of court intervention.

Divorce Mediation

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Psychosexual Evaluations

Psychosexual evaluations are specialized assessments that go beyond traditional psychological evaluations to focus on aspects of sexuality. A psychosexual assessment is an evaluation that focuses on an individual’s sexual development, sexual history, paraphilic interests, sexual adjustment, and victimology. The evaluation may also address the client’s potential risk for sexual reoffense or for engaging in ongoing sexually inappropriate behavior. It includes a full social history, familial history, employment/school history, case formulation, and specific treatment recommendations. The recommendations typically address the management of any potential risk and deficits in the client’s emotional and behavioral functioning. The evaluation is intended to assists attorneys and courts (prior to sentencing for adults), foster care and social service agencies that work with sexually reactive children or children who have been sexually abused. The evaluation typically includes a clinical interview, the administration of psychological testing along with a review of records and contacting collateral information sources. Such an evaluation is not appropriate for determinations of guilt or innocence.

Specialized Sex Offender Group Services

Psychological Associated offers group base services to adults and adolescents within the community. Traditional sex offender treatment differs from other forms of counseling. Sex offender treatment has the goal of protecting the community from further inappropriate behaviors. The group therapist may employ confrontational approach to assist the client to take responsibility for their behavior and develop a plan to establish healthy, prosocial goals. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used within in a group setting along with skills training with a goal to reduce deviant interest, improve, and develop health function, increasing empathy, modify cognitive distortions related to offending, understanding the offense cycle, develop alternative behaviors, and establish safety plans to prevent relapse.

Specialized Individual Counseling