Psychological Associates of Schuylkill County – Psychological Testing Services

Psychoeducational Testing and Gifted Testing

A Psychoeducational Evaluation is often conducted in order to determine whether a specific learning problem or disability may be impacting significantly on a student's academic performance. Another purpose of a psychoeducational evaluation is to uncover a profile of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, to determine the student’s learning style. A comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation may include testing of cognitive and achievement processes, socio-emotional functioning, observational data, medical and developmental history, past and current educational history, and information from parents, teachers and the student.

The School Psychologist provides diagnostic conclusions and recommendations tailored to the student’s profile and needs. Practical suggestions are offered to maximize one’s learning potential and academic program. There are several components to this evaluation: Initial Consultation: Collect background information to understand issues of concern. Basic Testing: This is individualized testing of cognitive abilities, aptitude, and achievement levels in basic academic areas of reading, writing, and math. Comprehensive Specialized Testing: Additional assessments are available to provide further information based upon the basic battery results.

Feedback Session: A review and discussion of the results are scheduled. Results are summarized in an extensive report for your records.

Since medical insurances are for “medically necessary” services, medical insurances generally do not cover psychoeducational services; therefore, this is a full pay service.

Police Testing

Act 120 sets forth the standards for training and certification of municipal police officers Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission (MPOETC). According to the Act, the potential candidate must be personally examined by a Pennsylvania licensed psychologist and found to be psychologically capable to exercise appropriate judgment or restraint in performing the duties of a police officer. The examination must include an interview and history with summary of the applicant’s personal, educational, employment and criminal history along with the administration of a current standardized version of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). Psychologists at Psychological Associates of Schuylkill County can provide the comprehensive testing required under the act in a convenient and timely manner to accommodate your needs.

Medical Insurances do not cover this service.

Lethal Weapons Testing

The Act 235 Lethal Weapons Training Act requires training and licensing of security guards, protective patrolmen, private detectives and criminal investigators, carrying and using lethal weapons in their employment. The program falls under the executive authority of the Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police. Psychological testing using MMPI-2 and conducted by a Licensed Psychologist is an important part of this procedure. Psychologists at Psychological Associates of Schuylkill County can provide the comprehensive testing required under the act at a convenient time to accommodate your needs.

Medical Insurances do not cover this service.

Employment Testing

Medical Insurances do not cover this service.

Psychosexual Evaluations

Psychosexual evaluations are specialized assessments that go beyond traditional psychological evaluations to focus on aspects of sexuality. A psychosexual assessment is an evaluation that focuses on an individual’s sexual development, sexual history, paraphilic interests, sexual adjustment, and victimology. The evaluation may also address the client’s potential risk for sexual reoffense or for engaging in ongoing sexually inappropriate behavior. It includes a full social history, familial history, employment/school history, case formulation, and specific treatment recommendations. The recommendations typically address the management of any potential risk and deficits in the client’s emotional and behavioral functioning. The evaluation is intended to assists attorneys and courts (prior to sentencing for adults), foster care and social service agencies that work with sexually reactive children or children who have been sexually abused. The evaluation typically includes a clinical interview, the administration of psychological testing along with a review of records and contacting collateral information sources. Such an evaluation is not appropriate for determinations of guilt or innocence.

Medical Insurances may not cover this service.